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MacLeod's Maidens, Isle of Skye

Have your say on Scotland's marine tourism plans

About 16 hours ago

Work is underway to awaken 'Scotland's sleeping giant'

Warning not to use out-of-date flares for festivities

"We don't want to spoil the fun but sometimes...

Missing sailors found safe and well

Sharon Went Alleyne and Arthur Alleyne are now...

Cowes Breakwater construction on track

The 2014 phases are nearing completion, ready...


Video: BayRaider Expedition on test

Meet the two-berth 20-footer that can be trailed behind a hatchback and launched in less than 15 minutes.


Z Drive

I am looking at options for replacement of my...

Repair: White stains in interior varnish

Dear all
I wonder if anybody can help. I had...

Can you add cheaper rope tails to Dyneema halliards?

Thinking of upgrading my genoa halliard to...

PBO Project Boat Hantu Biru

Video: PBO Project Boat Hantu Biru sets sail

Bought on eBay for £510 back in 2011, the Snapdragon 23 boat's restoration is now complete

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Glossary of nautical terms

Don't know a sampan from a sampson post? Perplexed by parrels, pelorus or pirogues? Harrassed by a harmattan? Welcome to the PBO glossary containing over 1,500 words, from simple sea terms to archaic sayings and ancient nautical nomenclature.

Podcast October 2014

Dave Selby podcast: 'Mad About The Boat'

'The advent of selfie-steering gear...'