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Repacking a stern gland

How to repack a Stern Gland - step-by-step

About 14 hours ago

How to repack a traditional stuffing-box type stern gland

How to solder a plug to a VHF cable

Connecting a PL259 plug to a VHF aerial cable...

How to drill plastic

A reader's question about drilling acrylic is...

Colne Flood Barrier work starts today

Gates under restoration until 30th June


Video: BayRaider Expedition on test

Meet the two-berth 20-footer that can be trailed behind a hatchback and launched in less than 15 minutes.


3.3 Mercury gear problem

I went out to the boat yesterday, started the...

look what came out of my heat exchanger!

Attachment 41783...

MD2030 Exhaust Elbow De-carb

Having done 975 Hours & Due to loss of power &...

Topcoating the PBO Project Boat

Video: Top-coating the PBO Project Boat

We paint the hull and deck of our Snapdragon 23 with two-pack polyurethane topcoat

Salona 35

Video: Salona 35 on test

A family cruiser that's fast, fun to sail and capable of winning races?

Glossary of nautical terms

Don't know a sampan from a sampson post? Perplexed by parrels, pelorus or pirogues? Harrassed by a harmattan? Welcome to the PBO glossary containing over 1,500 words, from simple sea terms to archaic sayings and ancient nautical nomenclature.

PBO's Dave Selby boat jumble podcast

How to make a mark at the boat jumble

Dave Selby's latest 'Mad About The Boat' podcast