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Group shot - Princes Trust, Ocean Youth Trust Scotland staff, volunteers and young people aboard Spirit, 9th April 2014

Children's Minister meets sail training youngsters

Fri, 11 Apr 2014

The Prince's Trust and Ocean Youth Trust welcomed Aileen Campbell MSP aboard

Navitus Bay windfarm plans submitted

Eneco Wind UK Ltd (Eneco) and EDF Energy...

Novice sailors sought to try the sport for free

The RYA is encouraging would-be sailors to...

Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre to open on south coast

The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation centre...


Video: BayRaider Expedition on test

Meet the two-berth 20-footer that can be trailed behind a hatchback and launched in less than 15 minutes.


Bulkhead Fishfinder

I plan to replace my bulkhead mounted Nasa...

Flipping engine won't start

So the boat finally went back in the water...

Procote cold galv spray

A couple of years ago I painted my tabernacle...

Topcoating the PBO Project Boat

Video: Top-coating the PBO Project Boat

We paint the hull and deck of our Snapdragon 23 with two-pack polyurethane topcoat

Salona 35

Video: Salona 35 on test

A family cruiser that's fast, fun to sail and capable of winning races?

Glossary of nautical terms

Don't know a sampan from a sampson post? Perplexed by parrels, pelorus or pirogues? Harrassed by a harmattan? Welcome to the PBO glossary containing over 1,500 words, from simple sea terms to archaic sayings and ancient nautical nomenclature.

PBO's Dave Selby boat jumble podcast

How to make a mark at the boat jumble

Dave Selby's latest 'Mad About The Boat' podcast