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Maldon Town Regatta

PBO Miles to Maldon trophy up for grabs

Less than an hour ago

Last year's winner travelled 356 miles with his trailer-sailer to compete in the Maldon Town Regatta

Three yachtsmen charged after Border Force seize cannabis worth 7.5m

The yacht was apprehended around 10 miles off...

Oldbilbo and the PBO forumites raise 1,055 for charity

PBO contributor Wil Bailey, 'Oldbilbo', walked...

Disabled teen to embark on extraordinary sailing attempt

Miss Isle sailor Natasha Lambert aims to sail...


Video: BayRaider Expedition on test

Meet the two-berth 20-footer that can be trailed behind a hatchback and launched in less than 15 minutes.


Dometic CombiCool RC 2200 - any good?

Has anyone had any experience of this cooler -...

Spring roller blind supplier

I thought it would be easy to find someone who...

Weigh in your old stainless rigging?

Is it wrong to ask for your old rigging when...

Topcoating the PBO Project Boat

Video: Top-coating the PBO Project Boat

We paint the hull and deck of our Snapdragon 23 with two-pack polyurethane topcoat

Salona 35

Video: Salona 35 on test

A family cruiser that's fast, fun to sail and capable of winning races?

Glossary of nautical terms

Don't know a sampan from a sampson post? Perplexed by parrels, pelorus or pirogues? Harrassed by a harmattan? Welcome to the PBO glossary containing over 1,500 words, from simple sea terms to archaic sayings and ancient nautical nomenclature.

seamiles Dave Selby podcast August 2014 issue

Dave Selby's 'Mad about the Boat' podcast

'So there I was, unreefed in a hurricane off Bradwell, when I had to decide whether or not to amputate...'