Practical Boat Owner experts answer your boat maintenance questions


Alan Carter from Dunfermline writes: “I’m on the way to solving the problem of rusty innards in my old boat engine – something that afflicts the engines of many practical…

corrosion protection

Bob Williams writes: “During a recent chat at my sailing club questions were discussed about anodes, galvanic corrosion and earthing, sailing in salt water and then into fresh water. As…

Seacocks on a boat covered in a film

PBO reader Camilla Ransom has found a "strange film" on one of the boat's seacocks. What should she do? Surveyor Colin Brown has the answer

A raw water pump for a boat

PBO reader Clive Hathway has a leaking raw water pump. Should he buy a replacement or rebuild it? Stu Davies gives his advice

A bottle of Shell GTL fuel

Would gas to liquid (GTL) fuel work better than diesel fuel? PBO's engine whisperer, Stu Davies ponders the question