Can PBO reader David Bainbridge trailer his part-built boat from the UK to Greece? Alasdair Reay of HPi Verification Services, the body that issues CE and UKCA certificates for new and second-hand boats has this advice

I have a self-built plywood part-built boat.

The superstructure and cabin are built, but the engine and controls still need to be fitted.

I have European residency and want to move it from the UK to Greece but have a couple of questions:

  • What are the logistics of taking a part-built boat to Europe to finish the build and for it to remain there?
  • How do I prove the value of various items such as the outboard and trailer that I bought years ago? I’ve studied the legislation but can’t seem to find details on this.

David Bainbridge

Alasdair Reay, CEO of HPi VS replies:

I can’t help with VAT and valuations but with regard to compliance a boat only falls into scope when it is put on the market or put into service.

So if the boat is clearly not at the state where it could be used, there is no impediment to you trailing it to Europe.

No authority has the right to ask for any compliance documents as it has not reached the point where this is required.

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I would recommend, however, that you take a French copy of the RCD with the following text highlighted: ‘boats built for personal use, provided that they are not subsequently placed on the sea market Union for a period of five years from the commissioning of the vessel.’

In essence, this confirms to the authorities that a boat built for your own use is excluded from scope.

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