PBO looks at the latest marine products

Understanding propeller design can help solve performance problems that occur when a boat is being driven under power. The wrong prop may be wrong in a number of different ways…

Bosuns chairs on test

Are you sitting comfortably? Let’s hope so – especially when climbing the mast. Ben Meakins tests the comfort, safety and build quality of 12 bosun’s chairs

Bilge cleaners on test

Ben Meakins gets down and dirty in the pursuance of the most effective way to clean oily, malodorous bilges

Going aloft to the masthead can be tricky at the best of times on a calm day in a marina – and even more so at sea. In our November…


PBO magazine and 14 other specialist Time Inc UK titles have joined forces to create the ultimate gift guide, with hundreds of recommended products.

Has Navtex been superseded by smartphones and the internet, or does it still have a role in modern sailing?

Has Navtex been superseded by smartphones and the internet, or does it still have a role in modern sailing?


It’s vitally important to ensure that the tension of your boat’s rigging is within the correct limits: Alex Bell tests four rig tension gauges to assess their accuracy


In PBO’s dehumidifiers group test, the Meaco DD8L Junior won the best buy award – and Meaco have now produced an additional model with improved features, writes Alex Bell.


Using double-wall vacuum technology, the Chilly’s Bottle is a reusable bottle that is promised to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours (or hot for 12 hours) whatever…

Handheld VHF radios

A vital piece of kit in any boat cockpit, Alex Bell and a PBO test team check out popular handheld radios for effectiveness and ease of use

7x50 compass binoculars on test

Alex Bell and a PBO test team focus their attention on 10 sets of 7x50 compass binoculars, checking them for efficiency, accuracy, clarity of image and ease of reading

Diesel bug treatments tested

Diesel bug can clog filters and starve your boat engine of fuel just when you need it most. Can diesel bug treatments kill it off? We test 12 to find