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Our editorial team members are also typical readers – buying a boat for £500 on eBay and slowly restoring it through a series of published features over four years.

An epic GRP motorboat restoration plus one couple's summer trip around Scotland and the final instalment of decade-defining yachts

Understanding propeller design can help solve performance problems that occur when a boat is being driven under power. The wrong prop may be wrong in a number of different ways…

Spares for an engine water pump, namely an impeller, are one of those ‘must have items’ most boat owners would probably label as essential. Also when it comes to general…

This month sees the return of the PBO Project Boat, 24 pages of practicals and a chance to get inside the mind of a surveyor as he reports on two…

The 1990s: a decade of Practical Boat Owner magazine covers in one gallery

The final decade of the 20th Century: as told on the covers of Practical Boat Owner magazine! Note: There are two missing images (March 90 and 91) – get in…

The best boats of the 1990s and a 60-year-old 25-footer that still feels solid as a rock

How to fix your engine at sea, a Westerly Centaur 50th anniversary special, and more, in the latest issue of PBO

Secret 20

Casting a critical eye over the project boat’s lines, David Pugh and Ben Meakins set to work filling and fairing to make the hull smooth

Secret 20

Chine in your hands: PBO takes a turn at shaping the project boat’s bilge. David Pugh reports

Secret 20

We’ve made great progress this month, and as a result the hull skin is now complete, save for a lot of fairing – but that’s for another month! Ben Meakins…

Secret 20

This month, the Secret’s structure is finished off with the addition of bottom stringers, bevelled chine battens and forefoot cheek pieces. Ben Meakins reports

Secret 20_Gunwales

Strong and stable: PBO’s Secret 20 is strengthened before being turned in the next step of her construction. David Pugh reports

Project Boat Secret 20

With the addition of her 6mm ply hull panels, PBO’s Secret 20 starts to look less like basketwork and more like a boat. David Pugh reports