IKEA hacks

Whether it's making an instrument panel from a tablet stand, turning bed slats into a dinghy floor, creating a wine rack from a book case, assisting with cockpit locker organisation…

Instrument panel from an Ikea tablet stand: Howard Bentley creates a neat instrument panel from a low-cost Ikea tablet stand. Check out the step-by-step article at https://www.pbo.co.uk/practical-projects/instrument-panel-ikea-tablet-stand-43304

Last year, having put a couple of instruments on my Christmas list – a battery monitor and a Navtex receiver – I was delighted when Santa duly delivered them in…

Find out how to thicken and sheath ropes to stop them slipping in a clutch in this extract from Splicing Modern Ropes, by Jan-Willem Polman

Volos charter holiday

Newly-qualified RYA Day Skipper Laura Hodgetts charters a yacht around the Sporades islands and the Gulf of Volos

Day Skipper course

A Day Skipper Practical course gives PBO news editor Laura Hodgetts first-hand insights into man overboard recovery, mooring alongside under power, passage planning and much more

In 1968, the original Golden Globe Race was widely regarded as ‘a voyage for madmen’. But where does that leave the 34 men and one woman who are signed up…