Canvas bucket article

Lin and Larry Pardey's step-by-step guide to producing a durable canvas bucket: from the January 1995 issue of Practical Boat Owner magazine.

Round The Island 2015

A 1,584-strong fleet took on the 2015 J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race (RTI) for a day of racing in sparkling conditions.

Natasha Lambert

Miss Isle sailor Natasha Lambert has received the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honour’s List to recognise her fundraising achievements.

PBO cover Summer 2015

In the Summer 2015 issue of Practical Boat Owner...

Chart plotters and instruments have been around long enough that they’re now considered standard equipment on most boats. But sailors have had to take the functions offered with chart plotters…

Blunt tools a problem? Razor-sharp chisels and planes produce a much better job and are easier and safer to use. Julian Peckham shows how it’s done

There’s more to using a simple hand wood plane than first meets the eye. It’s not just a case of screwing a knurled knob in or out to adjust the…