A yacht in front of the waterfront at Falmouth; anchoring charges have now increased

Are anchoring charges fair to those sailors who do not use facilities ashore? We look at both sides of the argument

“How do you get from one lake to another?” My brother Jack, a ferry captain, wanted to know when I said I was off to sail a cruising yacht on…

A stainless steel bowsprit on a boat

Nearly every new boat has a bowsprit, but what about older yachts? Rupert Holmes looks at what is available on the market for owners of older vessels

The bow of a liferaft painted in blue, white and red

The basic shape of a traditional lifeboat is a long shallow keel, double ended and beamy – ideal for conversion into a cruising boat

August 2023 issue of Practical Boat Owner magazine

How to repair gelcoat like a pro, hull design explained, inflatable canoes and kayaks tested, the legacy of Frank and Margaret Dye, 30 pages of boat DIY know-how... and more!…