A crew sailing an Elan 31 sailing yacht

She has been superseded by younger siblings, but does the Elan 31 look or behave like an outdated model? Not in the least, says David Harding

Boats moored in a French port

British boaters who want to spend longer than three months cruising in France will still need to apply for a visa following failed attempts to amend the French Immigration and…

A yacht with an orca

The Cruising Association is reminding sailors of its advice on orca encounters along the Iberian Peninsula, and the importance of reporting either an interaction or non-eventful passage

A boat fire at sea

For sailors, there is no hotter topic than fire on board. Sticky Stapylton looks at methods of prevention – and ways of dealing with fire should the worst happen

Boats alongside on a harbour

Peter Jones shares a technique for departing a pontoon with limited room for manoeuvre, against a pontoon or between rafts of boats

March 2024 issue of Practical Boat Owner magazine

The kit you shouldn't sail offshore without, the right boat insurance for you, how to manage E5 & E10 petrol, the best used boats for families, a step by step…


Alan Carter from Dunfermline writes: “I’m on the way to solving the problem of rusty innards in my old boat engine – something that afflicts the engines of many practical…

Start Third leg of Ocean Globe Race

12 yachts crossed the start line of the third leg of the Ocean Globe Race, from Auckland, New Zealand to Punta del Este, Uruguay

corrosion protection

Bob Williams writes: “During a recent chat at my sailing club questions were discussed about anodes, galvanic corrosion and earthing, sailing in salt water and then into fresh water. As…