Secret 20

This month, the Secret’s structure is finished off with the addition of bottom stringers, bevelled chine battens and forefoot cheek pieces. Ben Meakins reports

Secret 20_Gunwales

Strong and stable: PBO’s Secret 20 is strengthened before being turned in the next step of her construction. David Pugh reports

Project Boat Secret 20

With the addition of her 6mm ply hull panels, PBO’s Secret 20 starts to look less like basketwork and more like a boat. David Pugh reports

Project Boat Secret 20

This month’s project boat tasks include fitting laminated deck beams and reinforcing the chainplates. Ben Meakins reports

Robert Braithwaite

PBO was saddened to hear that Robert Braithwaite, founder of Sunseeker International, passed away in the early hours of this morning at the age of 75.

Project Boat Secret 20

Building a kit boat is a bit like a child’s dot-to-dot drawing. See the full set of articles: Building the Secret 20 kit boat with PBO. The framework is made…

Project Boat Secret 20

It’s time for PBO’s Secret 20 kit boat to be equipped with a beneficial set of hatches. David Pugh reports

Project Boat Secret 20

David Pugh and Ben Meakins tackle the truing up of the new project boat’s keel, stem and stern – and enjoy a long-deferred sea trial in a completed Secret 20…


A performance weekender built in Britain has been missing for a long time – which is why it’s good to meet the BTC-22, says David Harding


Free plans for building your own Nigel Irens 14-footer, and more, in the latest issue of PBO