Seamanship tips and tricks

The author’s restored his boat Blauwe Slenk over two-and-a-half years – then ran aground on her first outing!

Sailing in shallows means it’s likely that sooner or later you’ll go aground – but if you’ve planned for the eventuality in advance the chances are you’ll either avoid it…

People on dinghies learning dinghy sailing skills

What can a lapsed cruising sailor learn from a dinghy course? A lot, as Ali Wood discovers when she returns to the water for her RYA Level 3

A headland in the UK

A suitable anchorage can let you rest and await a fair tide: Here’s our pick of some useful passage anchorages for cruising this year

A yacht with an orca

The Cruising Association is reminding sailors of its advice on orca encounters along the Iberian Peninsula, and the importance of reporting either an interaction or non-eventful passage

A boat fire at sea

For sailors, there is no hotter topic than fire on board. Sticky Stapylton looks at methods of prevention – and ways of dealing with fire should the worst happen

Boats alongside on a harbour

Peter Jones shares a technique for departing a pontoon with limited room for manoeuvre, against a pontoon or between rafts of boats