Dead whale washes ashore in Wales. Photographs taken by Ali Chedgy Dyfi National Nature Reserve Natural Resources Wales

HM Coastguard are advising the public to stay away from the carcass of an 8.2 metre whale which washed up on a Welsh beach.

A typical reefed sail plan on a cruising yacht – the leech pennant needs to be tighter and the headsail car is too far aft – but it’s better than many. Credit:

How do you ensure an efficient reef with a roller-reefing headsail and slab-reefing mainsail? David Harding explains

PBO competition winner Chris Tunstall

Liveaboard boat owner Chris Tunstall of Portland Marina was picked at random to scoop all the top 10 items of PBO’s big Christmas giveaway.

Princess yachts sailing past Tower Bridge and the Shard on their way to ExCeL London for the 62nd London Boat Show

Around 400 boats will be showcased at the 2016 London Boat Show, from 8-17 January, including the restored PBO Project Boat Hantu Biru

A turbocharger on an engine is an effective way to get extra horsepower, improve fuel consumption and emissions. But when a turbo goes wrong it’s definitely time to call in…

When your boat’s being battered by a storm and you want to ride things out, a drogue will make things more comfortable. But which one should you buy? Ben Meakins…