A outboard bracket on a boat

Colin Staples wants to know what is the best product to lubricate metal to keep his stiffened outboard bracket moving freely

Portlights can leak creating damp conditions for curtains and soft furnishings

PBO reader Simon Bennett is struggling to get rid of a strange boat smell, which is permeating his clothing and his tools. Ben Sutcliffe-Davies answers his question

ePropulsion electric outboard

An electric outboard motor is a very different beast to a petrol one. It’s lighter, quieter and cleaner but does have some drawbacks, such as speed, range and cost. Testing…

Front cover of the June 2022 issue of Practical Boat Owner

How to choose your next project boat, everything you need to know to get ready for the boating season, dealing with emergencies at sea, and 21 pages of DIY...

a boat salvage operation in a marina

Marsali Taylor reports on the salvage efforts to raise a wooden vessel at Aith Marina that attracted spectators despite the mizzle and smirr