Mensun Bound, a leading Marine Archaeologist from the Falkland Islands, has teamed up with Enda O'Coineen, round-the-world sailor and Irish businessman, for a global philanthropic project to build a modern-day replica Ernest Shackleton's Endurance.


The focus of activity will be on science, exploration and youth development using the latest design ideas and materials. It will also be a global focal point for the Shackleton legacy in leadership and discovery.

The original three-masted barquentine Endurance, used by Sir Ernest Shackleton during his 1914-16 Antarctic expedition, sank after being crushed in pack ice in 1915.

The wooden wreck, in an expedition organised by the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust in which Bound was Director of Exploration, was discovered 3,008 metres deep in the Weddell Sea on 5 March 2022, has been designated as a protected historic site and monument.

Ernest Shackleton's ship, Endurance heeled to port under the pressure of ice in the Weddell Sea of Antarctica, Oct. 1915 [CREDIT] GRANGER - Historical Picture Archive/Alamy

Ernest Shackleton’s ship, Endurance heeled to port under the pressure of ice in the Weddell Sea of Antarctica, October 1915. Photo credit: GRANGER – Historical Picture Archive/Alamy

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It is estimated that construction of the 44m (144ft)-long Endurance II replica would require €14million, plus a €1.5million annual operational budget.

The project website states: “In the spirit of the legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, our mission begins aboard a modern replica of his iconic ship, the Endurance.

“The newly-built Endurance II will be a symbol of resilience and hope. Our primary goal is to ignite a passion for environmental conservation and science among the youth, empowering them to pursue careers dedicated to the revival and preservation of the planet.

“Inspired by Shackleton’s indomitable spirit, the Endurance II will not only be a floating laboratory open to oceanographic scientists and their affiliated institutions, but it will also be a floating classroom, imparting skills to the young that they might apply to the environmental crisis that lies ahead.

“Join us on this transformative journey, where hands-on education meets exploration, and together, we inspire a new era of environmental stewardship.”

Sponsors are being urged to join the support the initiative as ‘seed funders.’