A man in white overalls working on a yacht

Having accidentally drilled screws through the moulded non-slip surface of his boat’s deck, Jake Frith repairs the cracked gelcoat

Engine leaks due to a missing o ring

There is no need to put up with a leaky, smelly inboard engine. By dealing with small leaks as they arise, even the oldest units can be maintained drip-free

Seacocks on a boat covered in a film

PBO reader Camilla Ransom has found a "strange film" on one of the boat's seacocks. What should she do? Surveyor Colin Brown has the answer

A boat being lifted out of the water by a crane

Ali Wood gets tips from the trade on how to sell your boat from a marine surveyor and a yacht broker so you can get the best price to spend…

Equipment needed for tiller to wheel conversion on a boat

If you have a tiller-steered boat and would rather have a wheel, how would you go about converting it? David Harding sees how it’s done to a Hanse 315

A raw water pump for a boat

PBO reader Clive Hathway has a leaking raw water pump. Should he buy a replacement or rebuild it? Stu Davies gives his advice

A bottle of Shell GTL fuel

Would gas to liquid (GTL) fuel work better than diesel fuel? PBO's engine whisperer, Stu Davies ponders the question