A yacht, made out of plywood, sailing with a blue hull and green and white sails

A wonder material in the 1950s and 1960s, plywood is making a comeback. Rupert Holmes analyses what lies behind a new wave of plywood boats

A double boat bunk made out of wood

Richard Rogers rethinks his twin V-berths to double configuration ‘without that annoying triangular insert’ aboard his Morgan Giles 30

A 17ft trailer-sailer rescued from the nettles is preparing to cross the Atlantic. Poppet, a 50-year-old Leisure 17 is owned by marine surveyor and electrician John-Kenenth (JK) Habbershaw who, together…

Whether your boat is lifted out or afloat over the winter, our expert tips will ensure your vessel remains safe

PBO experts offer their top tips for winterising a boat, helping to keep your vessel and gear in good condition over the colder months