PBO APRIL 2016 cover

In the April 2016 issue of Practical Boat Owner...

PBO Project Boat winner Anna Millington and her partner Andrew Ellison

A knock on the head while surfing convinced 29-year-old Anna Millington that she was dreaming when she was later notified about winning the PBO Project Boat.

Kill cord

The results of a survey to investigate the causes of kill cord and kill switch failure and the results have been published.

The finishing touch to the interior of many boats is the vinyl-covered headlining panel, which can be detached to access under-deck fittings. Jake Kavanagh watches upholsterer Alan Dring make one…

replacing drooping headlinings

It happens to us all eventually – things start to sag, and it’s particularly true of foam-backed vinyls. For boatbuilders, vinyl is comparatively cheap and easy to install, so it’s…

Pushpit gate

Peter Crick makes a gate in his pushpit - which then goes on to save a life!

Rick Allender goes back to basics with a low-cost and simple way to shower on a small boat

If you need to plug a hole in your glassfibre boat, fear not – repairs are easy to make. Jake Kavanagh shows how it’s done and offers some useful tips

The spinnaker pole that came with my Jeanneau SO34.2 is stout and reasonably strong, but is a little short to use as whisker pole when goose winging the genoa. More…