Ben Meakins

Ben Meakins

Ben Meakins is a former deputy editor of PBO

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Anchoring single handed is easy in an empty anchorage but gets harder as more boats anchor

Ben Meakins tries out some methods for dropping and recovering the anchor for singlehanded sailors in crowded anchorages

Secret 20

We’ve made great progress this month, and as a result the hull skin is now complete, save for a lot of fairing – but that’s for another month! Ben Meakins…

Secret 20

This month, the Secret’s structure is finished off with the addition of bottom stringers, bevelled chine battens and forefoot cheek pieces. Ben Meakins reports

Project Boat Secret 20

This month’s project boat tasks include fitting laminated deck beams and reinforcing the chainplates. Ben Meakins reports

Project Boat Secret 20

David Pugh and Ben Meakins tackle the truing up of the new project boat’s keel, stem and stern – and enjoy a long-deferred sea trial in a completed Secret 20…

Antifouling PPE

Ben Meakins discovers the importance of wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when antifouling a hull – and issues some propitious advice

Bosuns chairs on test

Are you sitting comfortably? Let’s hope so – especially when climbing the mast. Ben Meakins tests the comfort, safety and build quality of 12 bosun’s chairs

Before the stringers, deck beams and hull sides go on was a good opportunity to add hatches to our Secret 20 build. These will allow access to the bilges -and…

Once all the frames had been installed on the keel (see our last update), it was time to break out the laser level again and go around, truing up the…

When I bought Crusader, my Aqua Star Ocean Ranger 33, the table arrangement in the wheelhouse/saloon left a bit to be desired. Although the table itself was a beautiful piece…