Ben Meakins

The Yanmar 1GM10 is a great little engine, which starts first time and runs reliably: but there are one or two design flaws. The worst is that the raw water…

After approximately 11,232NM at sea, our new project boat was craned off a container ship and transferred to a freight-forwarding warehouse in a rainy, grey Southampton Docks. Quite a change…

My ancestors were all sailors, and apparently my first words were ‘da-da’ and ‘boat’. I lived on the East Coast and as a boy sailed the Blackwater, the Crouch and…

David Harding and the crew of the Mystery 35 Agatha braved a wintry Force 6 to bring you their top tips for man-overboard rescue

7x50 compass binoculars on test

Alex Bell and a PBO test team focus their attention on 10 sets of 7x50 compass binoculars, checking them for efficiency, accuracy, clarity of image and ease of reading

Diesel bug treatments tested

Diesel bug can clog filters and starve your boat engine of fuel just when you need it most. Can diesel bug treatments kill it off? We test 12 to find

Instrument panel from an Ikea tablet stand: Howard Bentley creates a neat instrument panel from a low-cost Ikea tablet stand. Check out the step-by-step article at

Last year, having put a couple of instruments on my Christmas list – a battery monitor and a Navtex receiver – I was delighted when Santa duly delivered them in…

Find out how to thicken and sheath ropes to stop them slipping in a clutch in this extract from Splicing Modern Ropes, by Jan-Willem Polman

In 1968, the original Golden Globe Race was widely regarded as ‘a voyage for madmen’. But where does that leave the 34 men and one woman who are signed up…

PBO collision avoidance software gear test

Ben Meakins puts Raymarine’s new Lighthouse AIS update through its paces in Southampton Water

George Moody

The former Chairman and Managing Director of a well-known Swanwick boatyard has died aged 91.

LED and laser flares claim to replace pyrotechnic flares on board: but how do they compare with a traditional flare and an LED torch?

Sam Longley uses soil pipe to protect his boat's bow from marina pontoons

Hurricane-force storms during the winter of 2013/14 caused a lot of damage in the west of Ireland. Beaches were washed away, roads and bridges were destroyed and many piers, jetties…