PBO's expert video guides to the ColRegs

The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREGS) are published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). They set out the rules of the road at sea to prevent collisions
between two or more vessels.

With an increasing number of vessels sharing the seas, these Colregs are as important today as they have ever been.

PBO’s Colregs made simple, in association with Navigators and General, is a series of 12 videos to accompany the features in the July and Summer 2012 issues of PBO.

We went to the Warsash Maritime Academy’s Ship Handling Centre  with a fleet of model yachts, fishing vessels and motorboats to recreate some collision situations in miniature, using the Academy’s scale fleet of supertankers. Ex-RYA Chief Examiner James Stevens was on hand to talk us through each situation as it develops, and the videos were filmed and edited by Dylan Winter of KeepTurningLeft.

You’ll see our series of Colregs videos listed below. Simply click on the name of the video you want to watch and you’ll be taken straight to it.

NEW Videos cover Fishing Vessels, Ships and Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS).

You can watch the whole series on youtube by clicking here: COLREGS MADE SIMPLE – WHOLE SERIES

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Colregs: Sail meets sail, port vs starboard
  3. 3. Colregs: Sail meets Sail, Port vs Starboard, on a reach
  4. 4. Colregs: Sail meets Sail, Windward vs Leeward
  5. 5. Colregs: Sail meets Sail, Rule 12 (iii)
  6. 6. Colregs: Sail meets Power, Overtaking
  7. 7. Colregs: Sail meets Power
  8. 8. Colregs: Power meets Power, Crossing
  9. 9. Colregs: Power meets Power, Head On
  10. 10. Colregs: Power meets Power, Overtaking
  11. 11. Colregs: Fishing Vessels
  12. 12. NEW! Colregs: Ships
  13. 13. NEW! Colregs: Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS)
  14. 14. Colregs Made Simple - thanks for watching
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