A storm jib came with my second-hand 23ft (7m) Hunter Duette, but it couldn’t be run up the forestay because of the roller reefing headsail gear. Also, as I’m getting…

Ron Sykes adds numbers to help avoid confusion when identifying ships and marks

The illustration shows the only way I have been able to stop through-deck chainplates from leaking. The ‘bonnet’ is made of ¼in (6mm) canvas Bakelite, also known as Tufnol or…

Pushpit gate

Peter Crick makes a gate in his pushpit - which then goes on to save a life!

Rick Allender goes back to basics with a low-cost and simple way to shower on a small boat

The spinnaker pole that came with my Jeanneau SO34.2 is stout and reasonably strong, but is a little short to use as whisker pole when goose winging the genoa. More…

Two uses for Ikea bed slats

Using Ikea bed slats for a comfortable night's sleep - and as a floor for an Avon Dinghy

A good use for that leftover epoxy resin - Hanne and Matthijs Siljee-van Beek beef up their oars