10 of the best PBO reader-submitted DIY practical projects to enhance your summer cruise

The extra miles of sailing on a summer cruise, or days at anchor can highlight new issues on board or exacerbate existing problems. To aid your voyage this year – be it big or small – here are ten of the best Practical Projects we have published since mid-2017 that could improve your summer cruise.

Enjoy making – and if you come up with anything new email us with a pic and a few words: pbo@timeinc.com!

How to turn a paper bag into a wasp deterrent

Clive Murray shares this clever free trick

“Wasps can be a problem while at anchor in the Ionian Sea – but less so after my wife Christine and I moored next to a couple on board their 38ft Bavaria in Fiskardo, Kefalonia. I enquired as to the brown paper bag swinging from their bimini and was told it acted as a wasp deterrent because ‘they think it’s a nest and tend to stay away’.

free wasp deterrent

Free wasp deterrent – a brown paper bag supposedly tricks wasps into thinking there is already a nest on board!

“Amazing! This simple idea is certainly very effective, with only the bravest of wasps venturing to check out a glass of the amber nectar.”

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Build your own helmsman's backrests
  3. 3. Make your own wear pads out of a stainless pedal bin
  4. 4. Make your top-loading fridge more easily accessible by using plastic bins
  5. 5. Cockpit locker organisers
  6. 6. Make your own secure vented companionway covers for summer
  7. 7. Old leggings make great fender socks
  8. 8. How to make a handy bag for a fortress anchor
  9. 9. DIY halyard hangers under your sprayhood
  10. 10. Add permanent buoyancy to your tender or dinghy using builder's foam in a dry-bag
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