3d printed fuel cap wrench

Henry Lupton's design for a filler cap wrench can be downloaded and 3d-printed to protect your filler caps

Jos Binns uses a childproof cupboard door catch to secure the heads lid at sea and prevent painful accidents...

forepeak headrest

Ben Meakins gets a good night sleep with an extension piece for the forepeak on his Hunter Impala 28

Geoff Champion modifies his reefing horns to help the cringles stay put when slabbing in a reef

Paul Farr makes a straightforward hardwood tiller lock for his boat on a swinging mooring

Sprayhood handles

Ian Nicolson adds spliced handles to the sprayhood on his Rival 34 to provide a good handhold when moving out of the cockpit

Jeremy and Debbie White have a useful tip for neat boathook storage in a dinghy to help with coming alongside pontoons and quays

Building site spikes keep tricolour clean - Willem Bijl keeps his tricolour light seagull-free

Peter Lyle refurbishes the seawater pump on his Jeanneau 36i for a fraction of the cost of replacement or professional repair

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Paul Young seizes his mooring shackle... with another shackle to ensure it doesn't come undone

Boat trailer electrics, especially trailer light plugs are very susceptible to damage, either through the wires being pulled out or through corrosion. I have a sure way of avoiding this…

companionway step for dog

Our border collie, Floss, is getting on in years and finds the companionway steps on our Southerly 115 Dulcibella II too steep to manage in either direction. After considering various…

tiller pilot bracket

Robin Benjamin goes on a one-man mission to eliminate unnecessary holes, starting with mounting his tiller pilot using an antenna bracket