Just occasionally, the ‘perfect anchorage’ may turn out to be seriously uncomfortable. This is usually when the current or the wind makes the boat lie beam-on to the swell, and…

I recently carried out a repair to my boat using a 3D printed part in the process. There was a leak around my depth transducer housing, and I could either…

Robin Garside devises a cheap, simple and effective method of straightening out his boat’s damaged toerail

However your decks are constructed, the water from a deck leak often emerges a considerable distance from where it enters. The point of emergence is usually very clear to see…

Daria Blackwell uses a 'miracle' product to clean a heavy yellow stain from a fibreglass dinghy

Epoxy pump dispensers

Jonathan Humphreys uses empty hand-wash bottles as epoxy pump dispensers to avoid waste and ensure the mix is right every time

3d printed fuel cap wrench

Henry Lupton's design for a filler cap wrench can be downloaded and 3d-printed to protect your filler caps

Jos Binns uses a childproof cupboard door catch to secure the heads lid at sea and prevent painful accidents...

forepeak headrest

Ben Meakins gets a good night sleep with an extension piece for the forepeak on his Hunter Impala 28

Geoff Champion modifies his reefing horns to help the cringles stay put when slabbing in a reef

Paul Farr makes a straightforward hardwood tiller lock for his boat on a swinging mooring