Tony Riches assembled a bespoke heavy duty boathook from an ash bargepole and a hook commissioned from a local blacksmith

As the owner of a Moody 29 with a swinging mooring on the River Cleddau, I sometimes found wind and tide tested my extending aluminium boat hook. Despite much searching I couldn’t track down a heavy duty hook, so I made one.

Moody 29 Sheerwater

I bought a sturdy 8ft (2.4m) ash pole, sold as a ‘bargepole’ from canal and narrowboat specialists, Midland Chandlers, delivered by a mystified courier, then commissioned a blacksmith, John King in Bedfordshire, to make a 200mm hook from wrought iron.

The hook arrived in the post the same week and although it’s a one-off, he only charged me £10, which I thought very reasonable.

I bolted the hook to the pole with stainless bolts and all I need now is a fast running tide to test it out!

Originally published in PBO Aug19