Gilbert Park's downloadable fact sheet can be personalised to make overseas marina check-in easy

My French is fairly profficient, but when I was in Italy recently (I don’t speak Italian), I started work on a document that would give the marina office all the information they would need about the boat, me and my crew. I then added questions I needed answering. The result is in the image attached to the article.

I made my own in Powerpoint, but feel free to steal this one.

The first part is all the information I have ever been asked about the boat – the sailing boat is there so you can tell the marina how many people are on board.

The next part is information about the skipper/owner.

The final part is three essential questions to ask the office:

where is the rubbish and showers?

and what is the WiFi code?

Download our international marina cheat sheet here (241kb PDF).