A yacht, made out of plywood, sailing with a blue hull and green and white sails

A wonder material in the 1950s and 1960s, plywood is making a comeback. Rupert Holmes analyses what lies behind a new wave of plywood boats

Using a router

A power router can make light work of jobs that would otherwise take ages by hand. Julian Peckham has some tips for its use

Blunt tools a problem? Razor-sharp chisels and planes produce a much better job and are easier and safer to use. Julian Peckham shows how it’s done

There’s more to using a simple hand wood plane than first meets the eye. It’s not just a case of screwing a knurled knob in or out to adjust the…

A boat move in the marina required me to go astern the full length of a narrow fairway between two long pontoons and turn 90° to port at the very end.…