Spanish sailor Aina Bauza on a boat smiling

Aina Bauza has become the first solo sailor to set the World Sailing Speed Record Council's Cadiz to San Salvador record in a monohull. It took the Spanish sailor just…

All smiles! 51-year-old Jack Johnson crossed the finish line and claims the Globe 5.80 Transat 2023 crown. Credit: Lutz Kohne / Class Globe 5.80

American skipper Jack Johnson has sailed his home-built plywood yacht to first place in the McIntyre Globe 5.80 Transat 2023, and has qualified for the Mini Globe Race 2025

Ann Davison, wearing a black jumper and trousers standing on the deck of a boat

It is 70 years since Ann Davison arrived in New York, the end of her voyage which saw her become the first woman to sail across the Atlantic solo. Katy…

Boats leaving port for an Atlantic crossing

What is the best boat for crossing the Atlantic? Ali Wood asks the owners of two catamarans and two monohulls sailing the North Atlantic to the Caribbean