Rick Allender goes back to basics with a low-cost and simple way to shower on a small boat

The spinnaker pole that came with my Jeanneau SO34.2 is stout and reasonably strong, but is a little short to use as whisker pole when goose winging the genoa. More…

Two uses for Ikea bed slats

Using Ikea bed slats for a comfortable night's sleep - and as a floor for an Avon Dinghy

A good use for that leftover epoxy resin - Hanne and Matthijs Siljee-van Beek beef up their oars

Tim Marsden demonstrates how he fashioned a smart pair of cockpit locker lids for his bargain boat using glassfibre and iroko hardwood

After a long winter indoors many 2-stroke outboards are reluctant to start. A simple service should make yours more reliable. Here Steve Dawkins of Bursledon Outboards shows PBO’s Ben Meakins…

Just occasionally, the ‘perfect anchorage’ may turn out to be seriously uncomfortable. This is usually when the current or the wind makes the boat lie beam-on to the swell, and…

Torie Morley and Toby Hamer realise a burning ambition to restore a Fireball dinghy– and reveal how Skunk earned her stripes

Using a router

A power router can make light work of jobs that would otherwise take ages by hand. Julian Peckham has some tips for its use

Canvas bucket article

Lin and Larry Pardey's step-by-step guide to producing a durable canvas bucket: from the January 1995 issue of Practical Boat Owner magazine.

Blunt tools a problem? Razor-sharp chisels and planes produce a much better job and are easier and safer to use. Julian Peckham shows how it’s done

There’s more to using a simple hand wood plane than first meets the eye. It’s not just a case of screwing a knurled knob in or out to adjust the…

Epoxy pump dispensers

Jonathan Humphreys uses empty hand-wash bottles as epoxy pump dispensers to avoid waste and ensure the mix is right every time

3d printed fuel cap wrench

Henry Lupton's design for a filler cap wrench can be downloaded and 3d-printed to protect your filler caps