Michael Allen turns a condemned stepladder into a stand for his outboard engine

The company I work for was disposing of a stepladder with worn rubber treads, which had been withdrawn on health and safety grounds. I was only allowed to take it with the proviso that the ladder was cut up: ‘Okay,’ I said, but let me cut it.’ I measured its top hinge section to use as a support for my outboard when it is stored in my garage, then cut up the ladder and disposed of the Outboard engine stand DIYsawn-off legs. I kept the top section, which can be folded so it lays flat for easy storage, but which forms the basis for a frame to which I can clamp the outboard when opened. Using bolts and locknuts I fixed a piece of wood to the ladder and, to save time winding the outboard clamps, thickened it using an offcut from an old fascia board. The top step can easily accommodate a bucket to catch the small oil drips I get with my second-hand outboard. The cost? Nil, as I had the fascia board and bolts to hand.

Michael Allen

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