Katy Stickland


December 2023 issue of Practical Boat Owner magazine

How to sell your boat and get the best price, long term test of electric outboards, our view of the new Hanse 348, DIY spinnaker repair... and more!

The Translated 9 crew sailed from Southampton to Cape Town in 40 days, 13 hours and 48 minutes

The crew of the Swan 65, Translated 9 have won the first leg of the Ocean Globe Race, arriving in Cape Town after racing 7,305 nautical miles over 40 days

Whether your boat is lifted out or afloat over the winter, our expert tips will ensure your vessel remains safe

PBO experts offer their top tips for winterising a boat, helping to keep your vessel and gear in good condition over the colder months

Captain Eric Forsyth sailed more than 320,000 miles during his life, most of them on board his Westsail 42, Fiona. Credit: Forsyth Family

Blue Water Medal winner Captain Eric Forsyth, who circumnavigated the world twice, and rounded Cape Horn four times in his yacht, Fiona, has died

83 Whitbread Race veterans, representing 38 Whitbread yachts, took part in the reunion. Credit: Katy Stickland

Whitbread Race veterans, including Tracy Edwards and Sir Chay Blyth, have met at the Ocean Globe Race village in Southampton ahead of the start of the retro round the world…

The remains of a dinghy after a fire on board a yacht

The owner of a dinghy that caught fire while it was being stored onboard his yacht, is warning others to check cabin soles are kept clear of grease or oil