January 2024 issue of Practical Boat Owner

How to avoid and spot the 15 big problems you don’t want on a boat, the vital tasks you need to do on your boat this winter, the best sail and power boats for messing around on the river, how one sailor crossed the Atlantic by raft, truck and giant bottle... and more!

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The 15 big problems you don’t want on your boat

PBO’s surveyor Ben Sutcliffe-Davies reveals how to spot the signs..and how to avoid the problems

Let’s tackle that job list!

The boat maintenance tasks to do this winter

Lose the crowds!

Duncan Kent chooses the best boats for rivers and estuaries

More sailing..less maintenance

Rupert Holmes explains how to prioritise jobs so you get out on the water more

Anchoring in busy anchorages

Pip Hare shares her tips for dropping the hook

What is the best hat for sailing?

Clive Marsh argues his case for the Breton cap

One sailor’s unique Atlantic voyages

Fons Oerlemans talks to PBO about crossing an ocean via raft, floating truck and floating bottle

Cooling problems solved

Fixing a clogged exhaust manifold

Surface preparation

Tips from the trade to get the perfect surface for varnishing or polishing

Gelcoat deck repair

Step by step guide to repairing nicks

Into the frozen north

Sailing the Northwest Passage in a modern classic gentleman’s cutter

Boat wiring explained

Wiring and the best techniques for its installation

Ask the experts

Underwater corrosion and saildrives

Gifts for sailors at Christmas

Presents to suit all boaters and budgets!

Hot water onboard

Solar hot water system explained

Modified Dabber

The joys of sailing a Drascombe Dabber

Focus on new boats

New launches from the La Rochelle boat show