Katy Stickland tests the Chatham Hexham waterproof boots

Product Overview

Chatham Hexham waterproof boots


  • Very comfortable
  • Keep your feet bone dry


  • Thick cleated sole - need to check for small stones before getting onboard


Chatham Hexham boots: tried and tested

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The style of the Chatham Hexham boots reminded me of rigger’s boots (although they don’t come with a steel toe cap), and I needed something to keep my feet dry and warm while working on the boat over the winter.

So far, they have not disappointed. These mid-calf waterproof women’s boots are really easy to pull on and off.

the soles of a boot

The laces can be tightened for a snug fit. Credit: Katy Stickland

Made from soft nubuck and leather, they have broken in very well and are now super comfortable to wear with jeans (which I generally wear when doing boat work) or underneath my old, stained salopettes which are reserved for maintenance over winter.

I have worn them out in all weathers on the boat and the waterproof microfibre membrane lining has meant my feet have stayed dry!

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The leather also dries relatively quickly after getting wet.

The boots are not too close-fitting, so you can wear a pair of thick socks if the weather turns. You can also tighten the lace at the top to make your feet feel extra snug. The insole is anti-bacterial, so there is no concern about unpleasant odours if your feet get too hot. 

My only criticism would be the heavy-duty rubber sole.

soles of a pair of Chatham Hexham boots

The soles grip well, but check the treads for stones. Credit: Katy Stickland

Being heavily cleated it gripped well on damp and wet decks and for climbing up the ladder to get onboard, but I was conscious of gravel or small stones getting stuck in the tread which could scratch timber or gelcoat, although I have now got into the habit of checking the tread before getting on board.

So far, the boat’s decks are scuff free and my feet are happy!

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The Chatham Hexham boots are very comfortable and waterproof and have kept my feet warm and dry in all weathers. You just need to check the heavily cleated sole before getting onboard


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