Ali Wood tries out a pair of Slastik sunglasses to see if the continuous strap is a help or hindrance on the water

When I visited my optician she reminded me to keep wearing sunglasses through winter.

For some reason I only ever wear them for the summer months and spend the rest of the year squinting into the glare.

So when Slastik sent me a pair of sunglasses last October, I decided to put them to the test.

I’d never come across a pair of glasses with a continuous strap before, and these ones took some getting used to.

Slastik Swing sunglasses have polarised lenses

Slastik Swing sunglasses have polarised lenses

They snap open at the front then click back together through a magnetic fastening point.

However, Paul Gilley, of Slastik, urged me to try them. “We’ve been selling Slastik glasses for the last year in the UK and it seems most of our customers are from the boating world or builders, oddly enough,” he said.

They were certainly comfortable enough, and the pair I chose – the Swing – were so subtly shaded, I forgot I was wearing them.

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Even on a cloudy day, they weren’t too dark, like many sunglasses are.

The lenses offer 400% UV protection, and being polarised, prevent harsh reflection from water or snow.

The problem I had was that when I wanted to take them off, I kept putting them on top of my head.

They’d pop up and sit like a crown, before eventually falling off.

Slastik Swing sunglasses have a magnetic catch attachment

Slastik Swing sunglasses have a magnetic catch attachment

Finally, the penny dropped; I needed to hang them round my neck.

As soon as I worked out this (fairly obvious) fact, they became my favourite pair of sunglasses.

I’ve worn them while bouncing across the waves on a powerboat, and ducking booms on dinghies.

I also love the fact that when I bow my head to look at a chart, or crane my neck to check the windex, they stay put on my head.

I imagine they’d be good for all extreme sports, and was pleased to hear that Slastik also do optical glasses, which I’m sure will benefit many sailors, who’d otherwise have resorted to contact lenses or leaving their glasses down below.

Slastik Swing Sunglasses


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