A yacht sunk on a mooring

Boat insurance costs are rising but you can still get the right cover for your kind of cruising if you do some homework, says Jake Kavanagh

Petrol pumps at a petrol forecourt

E5 and especially E10 petrol requires much more ‘fuel husbandry’ than older, ethanol-free petrol blends, as Jake Frith has discovered

A woman looking at the What's Ashore app on her phone while sitting on a boat

Steve Hodges and Sam McClement test the What's Ashore app, which aims to bring together up to date cruising information from locations of dinghy docks to the best bar next…

Seldén S-series and E-series winches -product shot

The 'game changing' advantages of Seldén's new line of manual and electric winches include clever features to speed up tacking and make it safer when sailing with inexperienced crew.

Arens Motors Syprop can run on petrol or methanol and provides 14.3hp of thermal drive, 4kW of power generation and 5kW (6.5hp) of electric drive

Retrofitting a marine hybrid propulsion system can offer quiet motoring, precision docking and regeneration under sail. Jake Kavanagh explains

POP Fender

The POP Fender doesn't squeak, is maintenance free and is fully recyclable. Katy Stickland puts it to the test

Calor’s butane 4.5kg and 7kg gas bottles, and a non-marine regulator bought from a chandlery

"This warning has become even more valid after the Calor Gas U-turn as some owners will be swapping back again and buying yet another regulator."