James Wood tests a pair of the Cora Rheos sunglasses to see how comfortable they are to wear and if they float

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Rheos sunglasses: we test the new Cora floating polarised eyewear

Who hasn’t stared despairingly at an expensive pair of sunglasses as they disappeared beneath the waves?

Therefore, I was thrilled to test the Rheos Cora floating sunglasses. We were sent two pairs; one in a gunmetal/marine colourway, and the other in a tortoiseshell/rose. I opted for the gunmetal/marine whilst my wife, Ali chose the latter.

The construction is of lightweight but sturdy plastic, and they have grip pads for the nose and temple, to ensure a comfortable, snug fit, though I did have to tighten the arm screw when they first arrived; it was an easy job.

A man wear a pair of Rheo sunglasses which are polarised

All Rheos lenses are polarised with 100% UVA- and UVB-ray protection. Credit: Ali Wood

The lenses are polarised, though quite heavily tinted. I found the ‘marine’ tint easier to adjust to than the ‘rose’ lenses.

The cost is a quite reasonable $65 on Amazon US, or £52, with a $7 shipping fee to the UK. What’s more, when my one-year-old niece chose to ‘borrow’ them and return them without an arm, Rheos customer service promptly sent me a new arm, free of charge from the US. Bravo! 

And to the million dollar question, yes, they float, and the brightly coloured lenses definitely come into their own as you fish for them off the deck, or a paddleboard.

So all in all, I think floating sunglasses are a pretty good idea, as long as you can convince the skipper to go back around for them! 

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