The traditional Guernsey is the latest in the range of Arthur Beale jumpers. Katy Stickland tests it over the winter and spring

Product Overview


  • Thumbholes in the cuffs
  • The untreated wool is breathable so doesn't hold sweat
  • Can endure spray and short showers and still keep you warm


  • Pricey


Arthur Beale jumpers tested: the Guernsey

For decades, Arthur Beale jumpers have been the garment of choice for sailors, with many swearing to their longevity and quality, so I was keen to try their new Guernsey, launched as part of their spring jumper range.

Although the Guernsey is unisex I was pleased with the fit of the size medium that I ordered. I am a size 12, but I am fairly broad-shouldered so a smaller size might be better for slender people.

It was snug and warm but not too tight under the arms or on the dropped shoulders (which are traditional in all Gurnsey jumpers). The waist is also loose-fitting.

The thumbholes in the Arthur Beale Guernsey

The thumbholes are useful, especially when you do not have your gloves to hand! Credit: Katy Stickland

The cuffs, which have thumbholes, can either be folded back or extended so they fit halfway up the hand; this was really useful when sailing in the spring, providing extra warmth without needing gloves while on deck on warm days.

As with all Arthur Beale jumpers, the Guernsey is made in the UK from 100% British wool.

This makes it very breathable and warm so it can be used in the winter and the spring/cool summer days.

The lanolin in the wool means you will still be dry if you get caught by spray or in a light shower.

A woman wearing an Arthur Beale jumper

The Arthur Beale Guernsey maintains its warmth, even if it does get wet through spray or a shower.

It also doesn’t hold sweat, which I can testify to when I wore it for four days solid while sailing along the bottom of the North Sea.

The jumper still looked as good as new and smelt fresh, even though I had helmed through some pretty heavy weather and worn it when the nights got chilly. There was also no evidence of piling.

Although some might baulk at the price, Arthur Beale jumpers are an investment, their versatility eliminating the need to own several different types of jumper depending on when in the calendar year you are sailing.

They also do not shed plastic microfibres like artificial fleece. Buying one is a win-win for you and the environment!

Available in sizes: S-4XL
Colour: Navy

Buy the Arthur Beale Guernsey jumper directly from Arthur Beale.