Practical projects and PG Tips

PBO columnist Dave Selby finds that a yacht club work day provides an opportunity to drink limitless cups of tea while converting a Sailfish into an ornamental planter.

Planks for the memories

In his latest boating podcast, Dave Selby issues a bewildered salute to those splinter group members for whom leaky wooden boats seem to exercise an irresistible appeal...

Absolution not abstinence

Cartoonist Claudia Myatt has been bringing PBO’s Dave Selby columns to life through comedy boating scenes for more than eight years. A selection of 12 designs are also now available…

PBO's Dave Selby boat jumble podcast

PBO's Dave Selby shares some amusing advice on how to make the most of boat jumble bargains, as buyers or sellers, ahead of the Beaulieu Boatjumble.