A motorboat on a trailer

Having already built a dinghy and a dayboat, Ben Russell decided to design and construct an 18ft Selway Fisher Clyde motorboat

Petrol pumps at a petrol forecourt

E5 and especially E10 petrol requires much more ‘fuel husbandry’ than older, ethanol-free petrol blends, as Jake Frith has discovered

Calor’s butane 4.5kg and 7kg gas bottles, and a non-marine regulator bought from a chandlery

"This warning has become even more valid after the Calor Gas U-turn as some owners will be swapping back again and buying yet another regulator."

A man in white overalls working on a yacht

Having accidentally drilled screws through the moulded non-slip surface of his boat’s deck, Jake Frith repairs the cracked gelcoat