Russian sailor Roman Titov is missing after the wreckage of his 33ft Colin Archer-type cutter was discovered at Loch Inver in Scotland

Roman Titov set out in his 33ft Colin Archer-type cutter, Vperyod from Ullapool Harbour in Scotland on 13 December 2023.

No one has heard from him since.

On 6 January 2024, wreckage from Vperyod washed up at Loch Inver, prompting a search for him by the emergency services, including HM Coastguard, the RNLI and police divers.

Russian sailor Roman Titov on his 33ft boat

Roman Titov was an experienced solo sailor, and sailed the boat under jury rig to Ullaport after it was dismasted in January 2022. Credit: Roman Titov

Police Scotland, which is co-ordinating the operation, say his family are aware.

“Inquiries are ongoing following the recovery of wreckage from a yacht in the Strathan Bay area near Lochinver.

“Police divers along with HM Coastguard and the RNLI carried out extensive searches.

“It is believed the yacht left Ullapool harbour on Wednesday 13 December with one person, a man, on board.

“The man is missing and concerns are growing for his welfare. His family are aware,” said a Police Scotland spokesperson.

Roman Titov has deployed two stern drogues before the pitchpole and dismasting in January 2022. Credit: Roman Titov

Roman Titov had deployed two stern drogues before the pitchpole and dismasting in January 2022. Credit: Roman Titov

Roman Titov is in his late 50s and served as a merchant navy navigating officer in the Barents Sea before working as a chief engineer at a Moscow yacht club.

He was in Scotland after Vperyod was dismasted on 1 January 2022, 200 miles off the north-west coast of Scotland.

Roman had been sailing south from Norway in a bid to qualify for the 2022 Golden Globe Race, but instead, he became caught up in one of the worst storms in recent years.

The mast of Vperyod was sheared at the partners. Credit: Roger D Taylor

The mast of Vperyod was sheared at the partners. Credit: Roger D Taylor

The 33ft yacht pitchpoled in the storm, and Roman Titov survived as he was clipped on by his harness, although he received several blows to the face.

The mast and bowsprit were lost and there was damage both on deck and down below; he lost all power and although he had an Iridium satellite phone, he was unable to find any satellites to send a distress call.

It took him two days to bail out all the water. He had deployed two sea anchors and the rigging and mast overboard helped stabilise the yacht.

A dismasted boat alongside a harbour wall

The dismasted Vperyod in Ullaport. Credit: Roger D Taylor

He then managed to clear the remains of the mast and recovered what was left of the bowsprit and genoa furling gear, breaking a rib in the process.

Roman Titov then prepared a jury rig, using his 5m spinnaker pole, and sailed for 17 days to Ullapool in Loch Broom.

He left Vperyod at the Johnson and Loftus boatyard and returned to Moscow to raise money for repairs, but weeks later the Russians invaded Ukraine and, for the next two years, Roman waited patiently to return to his yacht, saving money where he could.

He arrived back in Scotland in November 2023 and, with the help of the Johnson and Loftus boatyard, patched up Vperyod which he intended to sail to Istanbul to make further repairs.

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The boat was relaunched on 11 December 2023, and Roman Titov set out two days later.

The wreckage discovered at Loch Inver has been identified as coming from Yperyod.

Solo sailor, Roger Taylor, met Roman and initially translated his account of Yperyod‘s dismasting for Yachting Monthly.

Roger subsequently wrote an article about the repairs to Yperyod, which will be appearing in May’s issue of Practical Boat Owner magazine.