The project, known as Port Galots, aims to build a new maritime community ‘home and hub’ on the southeast corner of the St Helier harbour

Plans have been submitted to build a new maritime community ‘home and hub’ on the southeast corner of the St Helier harbour.

The project, known as Port Galots, will create a new headquarters for the Jersey Sea Cadets Unit and updated facilities for other marine organisations and associations, including the Jersey Rowing Club.

If given the go ahead, the development would form a marine academy and enterprise zone that aims to generate social and economic value for the Island.

Jersey planning officials have received in excess of 1,300 representations on the scheme – prompting a change in the usual response system to avoid £2,000 postage costs.

Usually each objection would receive a postal acknowledgment, an update and then a copy of the decision. however in this case, the planning team will be issuing targeted media releases instead.

Planning director Peter Le Gresley said: ‘Because of the unusually high numbers of letters of representation on this planning application, we’re planning to respond in a different way, using targeted media releases to ensure members of the public are kept informed.’

About Port Galots

The Port Galots application, by the Jersey Maritime Trust, follows extensive discussions with users of the site to establish their needs.

The landlord, the Ports of Jersey, has given a commitment to supply an area for the Jersey Rowing Club boat to park its boats. This will be the subject of a separate planning application from the Ports of Jersey, in collaboration with Jersey Property holdings, Jersey Rowing Club and the project team.

Port Galots

Port Galots

Subject to planning permission, the development would be built between South Pier and Victoria Pier. The area has been designated for this purpose in the Island Plan, following a successful policy amendment from the Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, in 2011.

The project team has worked closely with the Treasury Department, Ports of Jersey, Planning, architects and heritage organisations to ensure the design is appropriate and meets the existing and future needs of users.

Port Galots

Port Galots

The project team includes St Helier Port Services Limited, Jersey Property Holdings, Rowney Sharman, Tim Skudder Associates and Colin Smith Partners, in collaboration with the Jersey Maritime Trust, which has been established to act as guardians of the vision for the project and to ensure income generated is re-invested in a programme of sustainable management and development.

Jersey Maritime Trust chief executive Andy Le Seelleur, said ‘Port Galots will be Jersey’s first purpose-built maritime hub, where residents and visitors can come to learn about, and enjoy, the opportunities our maritime industry offers.

‘From cadetships and apprenticeships to interpretation, commercial and leisure activities, it will be a thriving environment. The Jersey Maritime Trust has responsibility for ensuring this vision is achieved and we will work closely with all stakeholders to build a community that benefits all.’

Group commercial director for the Ports of Jersey, Myra Shacklady, said: ‘Together with Jersey Property Holdings, we are fully supportive of this maritime development, which will not only enhance part of this St Helier coastline area but also benefit many people.

‘As the landlord, Ports of Jersey remains fully committed to our tenants, including those interested clubs and associations, to ensure their needs are addressed as the project moves forward.’

The Minister for Transport and Technical Services deputy Eddie Noel, said ‘The States of Jersey agreed, through the Island Plan, that this site should be ring-fenced for the building of a new headquarters for the Jersey Sea Cadets and other maritime users.

‘It was acknowledged that this could only happen if there was sufficient planning gain from any development to fund it.

‘This scheme is appropriate and meets the design brief. The project team has worked hard to achieve the necessary balance of community and commercial activity and we are very pleased that plans have finally been submitted.’

A public exhibition is planned to show the proposed designs for the scheme and to explain the opportunities Port Galots will create.

Find the application ref: p/2014/2082 here.


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