Police still reviewing footage after £50k damage done earlier in March

Police are going through footage from CCTV cameras in and around Jersey Ports after an attack by vandals that damaged 54 boats causing over £50,000 worth of damage. But there has been severe criticism aimed at the Harbour’s security system.

The attack took place at Elizabeth Marina on Friday 6 March but a statement released a week later by the Harbour authorities admitted that three of the CCTV cameras were not fully functional.

The statement reads: The Port of Jersey has over twenty CCTV cameras; all but one are and have been continuously operational, although three had reduced functionality. On the night of the recent incident, CCTV images were recorded by all but the one non-operational CCTV camera (although those with reduced functionality were of limited use); images from these and all of the cameras operating within the waterfront area are currently being reviewed by the States of Jersey Police, as part of their ongoing investigation.

Damage ranged from cut mooring ropes to slashed canopies and involved boats on Pontoons H, I, J and K, at the north end of the marina, next to the Radisson Hotel. Elizabeth Marina is for Jersey Island residents only. No visiting boats were damaged in the attack.

Jersey Harbours Commercial Director, Myra Shacklady commented: “We’ve never had an incident on this scale before, it is unprecedented. We work very hard to keep the area secure, but the size and nature of a marina makes it impossible to be 100%. However, we have now tightened our security measures.”