Many boat owners unable to get their boats to or out of the sea

Boat movements across Guernsey have come to a standstill over an issue about hauliers’ permits.

The situation has left many boat owners unable to get their boats to or out of the sea.

It comes after the States of Guernsey Environment Department issued a reminder to island boat hauliers that unbraked trailers with a laden weight of more than half the kerbside weight of the towing vehicle cannot be used without permits OR being fitted with brakes.

The reminder followed a complaint about a haulier, which led to an investigation that indicated a number of people were breaching laws (by using overweight unbraked trailers) that have been in place for 12 years.

Boat hauliers operate on the island because many boat owners take their vessels out of the water in the winter and keep them at home.

The department is now assisting hauliers to obtain permits for the towing vehicles however the applicant is required to demonstrate that the vehicle can safely tow the loads requested by the applicant when using an unbraked trailer.

It was also looking at whether reduced speed limits would enable laden weights above half the kerbside weight to be towed without necessitating the use of braked trailers.

Picture: Moving a boat to St Peter Port, Guernsey on the back of a lorry. Credit: Tony Rive