A point proved in support of a worthy cause as Marlin sails into Southampton

‘Where’s Bart?’ That’s the question I was asked more than any other after my epic 338-mile, two-month voyage to Southampton, writes Dave Selby.

That’s got to be a record, ‘cos I don’t think anyone in the history of sailing has ever taken so long to cover such a small distance… unless they’re hove-to all the way. And all people wanted was to meet my attention-seeking mutt.

For the 250th and last time, the randy little criminal mastermind was elsewhere doing unspeakable things to cushions.

I didn’t bring him ‘cos the amorously confused lovehound can’t be trusted anywhere near fenders with furry socks on them. OK!

Other than that, a lot of people thought my stand at the Southampton Boat Show was pants, and to be fair there was quite a lot of underwear on it – a liveaboard has to dry his smalls somewhere. This rather confused a pair of South Coast yotties who scurried past my stand for fear of catching osmosis.

Mrs Red Trouser said: ‘What’s that stand all about?’

Mr Blue Ensign replied: ‘It’s something to do with repossessed yachts.’

I was flattered. No one has ever called a Sailfish a ‘yacht’ before.

But there was a point. I wanted to show that anyone can get afloat, that cost is no barrier, and that in this day and age great, small, old GRP boats have never been more affordable.

I also wanted to raise money for and awareness of the charity (www.gaincharity.org.uk) for my weird illness that means my legs pack up every four weeks.

Boat Show visitors contributed over £1,700 to bring the total raised so far to well over £5,000.

If you want to get on board go to www.justgiving.com/Dave-Selby-Marlins-Mission.

Thank you all. I’m humbled and grateful for all that sailing has given me.

...and here’s Bart enjoying a siesta on board Marlin

…and here’s Bart enjoying a siesta on board Marlin


I’m extremely practical, and I’ve got high-level connections.

I found the best way to replace boat windows is to get PBO editor David to do it. The best way to polish your hull is to get Silky Marine to do it. To think, this stuff normally takes up entire pages in PBO. That’s a PBO tip-top top tip.


‘Honestly, Dave, how much mileage can you squeeze out of this Mickey Mouse trip!’
Tommy Mills

‘Don’t die, I sponsored you £10.’
Ollie Pegley

‘Can I have my trailer back?’
Bob Smith

‘Where’s Bart?’
Lots of disappointed people

‘Amazed that you managed to find it.’
Graham Parker

‘Don’t know who this man is.’
Simon Cave


As published in the December 2016 issue of PBO, now on sale in all good newsagents!