Alan Elliot makes a waterproof chart holder that can be used both in the cockpit and down below

My 23ft Westerly Pageant does not have a navigation area, so I needed a waterproof chart holder that I could use in the cabin and also take into the cockpit when under way.
I considered making a waterproof folder from some spare ply and a sheet of acrylic, but then realised that the plastic wallet in which the Admiralty Folio charts are supplied only needs a backing plate to create the holder.
I used an old piece of 4mm MDF, cut it to size and gave it a couple of coats of varnish to seal the surface. The chart wallet is held in place with four board clips from an art supplies store.
I also added a pencil holder to hold the chinagraph pencils I use to draw on the plastic wallet.
The total cost should be less than £10.

Alan Elliot