10 of the best PBO reader-submitted DIY practical projects to enhance your summer cruise

DIY halyard hangers under your sprayhood

David Larner demonstrates an inexpensive method of keeping ropes shipshape on his Bavaria 34

Having lines led back to the cockpit of my Bavaria 34 means I don’t need to leave the cockpit to adjust them, but introduces the problem of stowage.

I tried draping lines down the companionway but didn’t like damp ropes in the cabin.

When left on the coachroof or in the cockpit, without continual vigilance, they become tangled.

I experimented with the traditional answer, a halyard bag, but this tended to hide the problem rather than solve it. Also, ropes remained damp and began to smell.

My preferred solution is to arrange hangers under the cockpit hood, with lines suspended in straps made of webbing with Velcro strips.

Timber rails are fixed to my Bavaria 34 sprayhood support tubes with shock cord. Polyester webbing tape and Velcro provides neat and strong slings.

Shock cord sail ties with plastic ball ends secure and adjust the position of the rails. Note the screws with washers fixing the webbing to the rails.

Lines are now readily accessible, easily distinguished, never tangle and dry out quickly. The hangers have been in use for many years and have solved the perennial problem of tangled lines at minimal cost.

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