10 of the best PBO reader-submitted DIY practical projects to enhance your summer cruise

Add permanent buoyancy to your tender or dinghy using builder’s foam in a dry-bag

PBO reader C Rhodes of Wrexham wrote in with the following suggestion

My 14ft wooden dinghy has several buoyancy bags made of rubberised fabric which is failing so they become deflated very quickly.

I have become tired of the routine of having to remove, inflate and replace them and looked for an inexpensive solution.

Inflatable buoyancy bags, such as these, can be replaced with homemade versions containing builder’s foam. Photo credit: Tom Gruitt

I settled on using an aerosol of builders’ expanding foam (used to fill gaps in brickwork and around doorframes) to inflate them, being careful to inject it slowly, allowing the foam time to expand without risk of bursting the bag. This has proved to be a cheap and successful repair.

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