Our resident YouTube fanatic revisits Sailing Yacht Florence after a three year absence and finds that they have "massively upped their game when it comes to filming and editing, while visiting places a bit off the beaten track"...


Firstly, I need to thank reader Dean Colegate for his recommendation of Sailing Yacht Florence.

My YouTube history shows that I dipped into the channel a couple of times back in 2019 but it did not manage to capture my attention at the time.

I’m glad Dean encouraged me to give the channel another chance, as they’ve massively upped their game when it comes to filming and editing, while visiting places a bit off the beaten track (how many sailing YouTubers have you seen in Namibia?).

Amy Cartwright and Matt Humphreys are a British couple in their mid-thirties who, in 2016, set out the UK’s south coast to circumnavigate the world on Florence, their 1985 Oyster Heritage 37.

In a refreshing departure from the typical sail vlogger background, both of them grew up sailing. Amy spent summers cruising in the UK with her family aboard their Wharram Tiki 21. She also raced dinghies at a high level through university and beyond, and was the only women to compete in the 2009 49er world championships.

While Matt also raced dinghies at a high level, his big boat experience started after university, when he took part in the RORC Round Britain and Ireland Race. He was subsequently selected for the GBR Yacht Racing Academy and eventually ended up as helm/tactician on a Farr 52 for the Rolex Fastnet Race.

So if they make sailing a 37ft AWB around the world look easy, it’s because for them it is.

Which is not to say they haven’t had challenges or setbacks, of course they’ve had their share, but they just seem to deal with it all, calmly, competently, and without making a fuss.

Likewise they seem to take in the good bits with quiet, thoughtful appreciation.

In a recent episode, as they prepare to cross the same meridian from which they started their journey six years ago, they reflect on the highs and lows of their adventure.

Should you not have the time or inclination to watch all 140 (and counting) videos, this provides a good shortlist of episodes to start with.

I’m certain that I’ll keep watching, as I’m looking forward to seeing them cross their outbound track as they re-enter the Caribbean, and of course I can’t wait to see what they’ll do after that.