Afternoon on beach for French crew

A French yacht en route to the Isles of Scilly became stranded on Cornwall’s Towan Beach at lunchtime today after misjudging the tide.

The Mayuko‘s six crew had decided to stop off at Newquay Harbour but instead had an unexpected afternoon at the beach, in company with the surfers brought out by the warm spring sunshine.

Alerted by Newquay’s Harbour Master, Newquay’s RNLI D class inshore lifeboat launched at the request of Falmouth Coastguard.

With the 12m (40ft) yacht side on and in danger of toppling, the lifeboat crew helped the skipper to turn and sit her safely on the sand to await higher water.

The lifeboat made a second trip back to the yacht to stand by as she refloated three hours later, no damage done.

Photo: RNLI/Newquay/Tim Poole