26-footer carried across Atlantic on Gulf Stream

An American boat has been discovered in Spain three years after it was lost at sea.

The Regulator 26 motor cruiser, Queen Bee, disappeared in 2008, when its owner Scott Douglas and his brother-in-law Rich St. Pierre were thrown overboard during a fishing trip near the island of Nantucket (pictured).

Both men survived after swimming ashore, but the boat was not seen again until earlier this week.

Mr Douglas received a call from the US Coastguard saying that it has washed ashore in Llanes, northern Spain.

He said: ‘That’s amazing. It looks entirely different’, although he added that he had no desire to be reunited with his boat.

The boat is covered in rust, mould and barnacles, but its two outboard motors are still attached and ‘Nantucket’ is clearly written down its starboard side.

According to a US Coastguard spokesman the boat most probably made its way to Spain by catching the Gulf Stream.