We have put together a series of projects – big and small – DIY you can do from home to improve your boat

In normal times we cover a lot of ground every month in Practical Boat Owner – online and in the magazine – but in lockdown conditions it makes sense to concentrate on projects you at least have a chance of completing in the workshop at home.

So, with the Easter weekend looming and an extension of stringent ‘stay at home’ conditions promised, we’ve trawled the online archives and made a reading list. We’re calling it DIY at home or ‘in the workshop’ and it features projects big and small that you can do without visiting your boat.

We’ll keep adding to the list as well and we’re hoping for a deluge of new articles from readers, so don’t forget to take photos as you work and send us your writing at pbo@ti-media.com

Click here to view all 100+ DIY ideas from home

For the full list, click on the link above, but for those already planning to concentrate on their engines, canvaswork, woodwork or ropework we have grouped these projects together so you can jump straight to the shortlist of articles that interest you the most.

Nic Compton

Regular PBO contributor Nic Compton on his Western skiff – Click the image above or the link below to read all about the Nigel Irens design, download the plans and instructions for free, order the materials and start building!

For the most ambitious, there’s an eight-part series on building your own Nigel Irens 14ft rowing/sailing skiff with free downloadable plans, plus there is always the PBO Project Boat series to catch up on. There’s a three-part series on building an aluminium sloop, a classic aluminium powerboat and another yacht in steel.


The finished electric outboard engine on the bench at home

For anyone with an interest in electronics don’t miss the 4,000-word epic Build your own electric engine.

There are small projects like How to make a simple small boat shower or how to make a splicing fid from a pen and there are much bigger projects like unseizing a manual windlass or Making GRP locker lids.

Whatever your ambition or ability, we’ve got something to satisfy or stretch your abilities.

Making GRP locker lids

Tim Marsden demonstrates how he fashioned a smart pair of cockpit locker lids for his bargain boat using glassfibre and…