A change to the way Greek authorities administer all boats sailing in their waters has been announced, the Cruising Association reports.

Currently all boats need a DEKPA form which lists all owners’ details as well as boat registration, hull numbers and similar. This needs to be taken each year to an office of the Port Police or a local notary who stamps it. It is then kept on board for showing port police or other local authorities wherever requested.

The Greek Ministry of Shipping has now made a change to the DEKPA form which means it now necessary for all those holding an existing form to buy a new one.

The new form only needs to be bought the next time you need an existing form stamped – every 365 days so everyone should possess a new DEKPA form by this time next year.

The cost of the new form is €50 and boat owners will need to provide the following documentation when buying the new form:
1. Original registration certificate (photocopies will not be accepted)
2. Original passports or I.D. card of owners.
3. Original and valid insurance certificate, (photocopies will not be accepted).

This could cause problems for boats shared in a syndicate where different owners go to the boat at different times so all passports will not be available at the same time.

Look out for latest news releases on this issue on the CA’s website: www.theca.org.uk

Canna Harbour. Credit: Steve Goldthorp

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